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Welcome to the Sword and Sabre Publishing web-page!

Important info:

The link to colours and uniforms have been moved from "Free stuff". You can now reach the page directly from the start page. A new short cut has been added to the left.

Scenario books:

In this series we present not only some of the major battles that was fought in Scandinavia in the era of the revolutionary and Napoleon wars. We also tell the story behind the wars and the battles, why they were fought and how they link up to the bigger European picture.

1808 The Turning Tide.

Available from the 7th of July 2010

On the 21st of June I could finally hand over all the files to the printers. All we have to do now is to wait.


Written by Bevan Marchand and Lars Rössle

The second book of the 1808 series will cover the Russian final offensive against Sweden in 1808 and 1809.
In "1808 The Tide is Turning" we will cover not only the 12 most important battles of the period, we will also provide a more detailed article on the tactics and drill used by the two armies.

Have a look


1808 The Last Summer

Our first release!

Written by Bevan Marchand and Lars Rössle

The booklet presents background and scenarios for war gaming the Swedish - Russian war of 1808-09 (April -August). To each scenario comes a Strategic map, and a detailed Order of Battle.


Please note: To play the scenarios in the 1808 - series, you need a separate set of rules. We used the General de Brigade for play testing, but most rules for this era should work.

For samples and other details click on the picture or on it's button to the left side on your screen.


General de Brigade can now be bought through Sword and Sabre!

For those who are looking for a rule set to play the scenarios in 1808 - The Last Summer, I can offer the rules we used for play testing.

Click on the picture and learn more about it.







Looking for free stuff?

I have been drawing colours and uniforms for the 1788-90 and 1808-09 war. It is not complete yet but it's growing.

Trying to figure out what figures to buy or who s to avoid? As I paint my way through the pile of lead on my desk I make some notes and post pictures on what I have encountered. Have a look and make your choice.

Go right a head and check out what's in that folder.

About this page

On this page you will (soon) be able to have a closer look on our products, to see what's in the pipe-line but also find information on other topics that is related in one way or the other to our field of interest.

Feel free to look around and don't be shy. If you like something or think that something could be done in a different way, send me ane-mail and let me know what's on your mind.

 Once again, WELCOME!


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