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About the Company



About the Company

The Sword and Sabre Publications is based  in Uppsala, Sweden and owned by Lars Rössle an amateur historian with a special interest on Swedish history and particularly from a military point of view. I have found that war gaming is a wonderful hobby that combines historical research, , building of terrain, painting models and of course action and perhaps the taste of sweet success on the gaming table.

Our Mission...

... is to provide both Swedish and non Swedish speakers with books and other related products that will allow them to, in a more active way, enjoy and understand historical events in this remote part of Europe.

Our product range will be focusing on supporting the war gaming hobby by publishing unique scenario books, rules and perhaps in the future also figures.

To support the hobby you will also find other related stuff here such as "Battle reports" and figure review's. Perhaps you would like to contribute? Drop me an e-mail and tell me about it.



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Sword and Sabre Publishing
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