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The Turning Tide



 1808 The Turning Tide - Available from the 7th of July 2010

On the 21st of June I could finally hand over all the files to the printers. All we have to do now is to wait.

1808 - The Turning Tide

This is the second Scenario book that covers the Swedish - Russian war of 1808-09. The Turning Tide take of where our first book, 1808 The Last Summer, end and covers the Russian final offensive to once and for all drive the Swedish army out of Finland.

We have maintained the format and layout in order to be easily recognised and navigated, however, we have packed in 56 pages (8 more then in the TLS). These extra pages allow us to present an article on the tactics and drill used by the two armies.

About the war

In August 1808 the situation started to stabilise for the Russians. Although the Swedes had recaptured large areas and a combined Swedish-British squadron had forced the Russian navy back to port, the much feared uprising had not happened. Large numbers of troops were about to arrive and the Russian archipelago fleet had managed drive off its counterpart, thus securing the southern coast from Swedish landing attempts. For Buxhowden it was time to regain the initiative.

Both sides were aware of the weak situation of Fieandt on the Swedish left flank. The difference was that the Swedish high command underestimated the size of the advancing Russian formations. On 21st August 3200 Russians engaged Fieandt’s 1600 Swedes at Karstula, and by the end of the day the Swedes were routed and retreating. The tide was turning.

In our first book, 1808 - The Last Summer, we covered the Swedish counter offensive. In this one we cover the main battles during the Russian offensive in late August to its end in mid November, when the Swedish army was finally forced out of Finland. We also include the biggest battle of the 1809 Russian landings in Sweden. The scenarios are based upon text and maps from the extensive work, “Sveriges krig 1808-09”, published by the Swedish General Staff.

In the book you will find:

- An introduction to the war and this particular campaign, explaining why it was fought and over what.

- A section on suggested special rules to apply in order to create a feel for this campaign

- 12 scenarios, covering all major engagements fought between the two major armies from late August 1808 to the end of the war in 1809. Each scenario will have a short introduction explaining the over all situation and particular events leading up to the battle.

Battles covered in this volume
Nummijärvi (28 August)
 Lappfjärd (29 August)
 Kauhajoki (1 September)
 Ruona (1 September)
 Salmi (2 September)
 Nederhärmä (10 September)
 Jutas (13 September)
 Oravais (14 September)
 Kronoby (15 September)
 Lokalaks (18 September)
 Virta Bro (27 October)
 Sävar (19 August 1809)

We also cover:
 Swedish and Russian drill and tactics.

- Each scenario will also be illustrated with strategic map showing relevant information and troop movements leading up to the battle. The sample shown above display the situation after the battle of Karstula.

- Each scenario will also have a detailed Orders of Battle adapted to 1:20 scale (1 figure representing approximately 20 men). The sample below is showing the OOB's for the battle at Lokalaks 18th September.

Russian C in C – Bagration (arrives late)





2 companies Pernau regiment



1 squadron Grodno Hussars


Reinforcements overnight

2 companies Pernau regiment



1 company Neva regiment



6 pdr foot battery

1 cannon




Late Arrivals

Bagration (C-in-C)



3 companies Neva infantry regiment



12 pdr foot battery

1 cannon

 Swedish C in C – Lantinghausen




1st Brigade

1 battalion Foot Lifeguard



1 battalion Swedish Guard regiment



1 battalion Finnish Guard regiment



Jaeger battalion

 (4 companies drawn from the guards)



2nd squadron Mounted Lifeguard



 Svea Artillery 6 pdr foot battery

1 cannon

2nd Brigade

3 battalions Kronoberg regiment

3 x 20


Jaeger battalion (3 companies drawn from Kronoberg and Västmanland regiments)



3rd squadron Mounted Lifeguard



Svea Artillery 6 pdr foot battery

1 cannon

(Late arrivals)

Vargering battalion Uppland regiment



Supply train with ammunition


(Late arrivals 2)

Vargering battalion Västmanland regiment


- A table top map showing the lay-out of the battle field. Most of the maps are drawn for a table size of 8x4 foot thus giving a gaming area approximately scale 1:1000. This sample show the battle field of Virta Bro 27th October.

- You will also get set up instructions and a presentation of the historical battle so that you can compare your achievements to the generals of 1808.

Finally we devote 7 pages to present the drills and tactics used by the two armies. We pay a special attention to the Swedish light infantry.

The book is printed in size A4, saddle stitched, contains 56 pages in B/W and a cover in colour.

Please note: To play the scenarios in 1808 - The Turning Tide, you need a separate set of rules. We recommend General de Brigade but most rules for this era should work.

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 General de Brigade (2nd edition) by David Brown


Only available for Customers in Sweden. The rest of you will have to rely on Cavalier Books

General de Brigade Napoleonic war games rules use infantry battalions, cavalry regiments and artillery batteries as the basic tactical units. The figure scale is 1:20 and ground scale about 1:1000.

General de Brigade was designed to combine the appeal of battalion based games with the most important aspects of command and control from army level games. After spending hours researching and painting our armies we want to manoeuvre each and every unit, overseeing their every volley, melee and morale test.

At brigade level this is exactly what is expected of the commander – he would be concerned with deployment, formation and when to fire – here formations such as column or line do matter! However the use of brigades and brigade orders introduces a command and control factor that limits the 'nippy little battalion' syndrome and restricts the war gamer from doing whatever he wants with any unit whenever it suits him.

General de Brigade allows war gamers the freedom to command and manoeuvre each battalion or squadron but also includes higher command decisions such as brigade objectives, the timing of assaults and the deployment of reserves.

Deliberate effort has been made to keep the rules simple. Most war gamers want to enjoy a game with model soldiers and not spend their valuable war gaming time checking through fine print and arguing over minor points in the rules. Obviously simplicity means that not all aspects of Napoleonic warfare can be covered and players should therefore try to resolve any problems in a sensible and friendly manner.

The rules book includes:

- Standard Rules and Optional Rules with numbered paragraphs for easy reference.
- Historical orders of battle for 12 armies that fought each other in six battles.
- A points system allowing gamers to design their own scenarios.
- Roster sheets and order markers.
- Game markers.
- Explanatory chapter on Napoleonic troop types, their grading and tactical formations.

The rule set contain 68 pages + 4 page card play sheet. It is printed in B/W on glossy A4 for durability and saddle stitched.

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