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2 and 6mm

bullet Irregular 2mm Generic
bulletHeroicsRos 6mm Swedish
bulletBaccus 6 mm (Review. No pictures yet)

15 mm

bulletFalcon Figures UK  (Review with some pictures)   (Swedish and Russians for booth 1788-90 and Napoleonic wars)
bulletMiniature Figurines / Minifig (Review with some pictures) (Swedish and Russians for the Napoleon wars)
bulletOld Glory 15 mm (Review with some pictures) (Swedish for the Napoleon wars)
bulletNaismith 15mm
bullet Stronghold 15mm
bullet Fantassin 15mm
bulletEureka 15mm

20 mm

bulletHäT-industries (Plastics)

+25 mm

bullet Minifigs 25mm
bulletScruby 25mm and 30mm
bulletScruby 25mm and 30mm Danish and Swedish
bulletBicorne 25mm
bulletEagle Figures 28mm
bulletEagle Figures 28mm

Ships, Galleys and smaller vessels

Navwar 1:3000
Navwar 1:1200  
Langton 1:1200
Triton 1:1200
Figurehead 1:2400  


Von Fahnestock Flags (6mm and 10mm Special order, 15mm and 25mm Napoleonic Swedish)
Cotton Jim Flags (15 and 25mm Danish and Swedish Napoleonic)
Rofur Flags (1:72 Danish & Swedish Napoleonic)
Rofur Flags (1:72 Danish & Swedish Napoleonic


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