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Battle reports

Things that might enhance your gaming...

What I have in mind is figure reviews, battle reports, painting instructions and eventually some mini campaigns.

If you have anything that you like to see here or, if you like to contribute with, send me an e-mail at

Figures and reviews

As I come a cross figures that fit into my area of interest I will post some comments here. Don't take it too seriously as it's just me and my very own personal point of view...

Colours and Uniforms

Important info:

The link to colours and uniforms have been moved from "Free stuff". You can now reach the page directly from the start page. A new short cut has been added to the start page.

Yes, a more or less complete list of all relevant Swedish units, their colours and suggested colour scheme for painting figures for the 1788-90 and 1808-09 wars.

Battle reports

Have you played any of our battles and want the world to know? Send me an e-mail at and tell me.

Mini campaigns

We are working on a mini campaign covering a "what if " situation in the first week of march 1808. A tired and slightly disorganised Russian army is closing in on Helsingfors/Helsinki and have lost contact with the retreating Swedish army. The Swedish commanders tried to convince their Field marshal that it was time to counter attack. The mini campaign is based on the real events.


Table top version (PDF -file)


Software version (made for Berthier Campaign Manager, a free software that manages wargames campaigns for miniatures)


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